Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catch up.

Things have been busy around here.

The bathroom renovation is at a screeching halt. There is always some kind of hold-up.

Of course it was like opening Pandora's box. We are doing more than we had planned on, but that's how it goes.

We are getting the house ready to put on the market, cleaning every nook and cranny--of which there are many.

Did I mention we are moving to the Boston suburbs?

We are moving for the third time in less than three years.

Lots of reasons to be excited about that, but definitely sooner than I was hoping to leave.

Finley is in some kind of hyper-attachment phase. Anxiety if I leave the room, wanting held constantly, waking up every 90 minutes at night freaking out, crying when he gets dropped off at the nursery.

I even got paged to come get him during MOPS.

Skylar never cared where she was left. She couldn't wait for me to leave.

Finley's first phrase is "No Jack!" If you even ask him about Jack he says "No, No!"

Probably because the whole time he's in his highchair, Jack is trying to scratch at his legs and get crumbs, so he hears "No Jack" a lot.

Learning to defend your food is an important life skill around here.

He's into everything. He emptied a box of ribbons while Skylar and I were crafting, got his legs all tangled up and signed "finished" over and over until I rescued him......

 Meanwhile, Skylar made Valentines. Topless. And then we mailed them out late. {You can expect yours by St. Patrick's Day}.

She spends a large part of her day doing shows. Finley and I are the audience and we are told what to say and when to clap. Ribbon dancing is a big one right now.

We had company last week. One of our favorite old friends, Doug Armstrong, was visiting. We had fun catching up with him. Wish they lived closer!

Finley has stopped fighting the snowsuit. As soon as you put him in it, he goes limp and stops moving. {Similar to Sabot in the hot dog costume}. And he's such a guy, when you unzip that snowsuit it smells like a locker room in there. I don't know how a baby can be so sweaty and stinky.

We had Finley dedicated at church last Sunday. He and his daddy ended up wearing matching outfits, which seems to happen a lot {and not on purpose}.

The Lion King pose {this is a requirement for all Rue baby dedications}.....

 My dad came up for the dedication and spent the weekend with us. He came bearing goodies--a Rockland Bakery smorgasbord for the adults and lots of Valentine treats for Skylar.

This is the look of steely determination, usually when something fun has been spotted like a forbidden snack or the dog's water dish.

Last Friday we had a movie night with Skylar. She got to stay up really late and eat popcorn and ice cream and watch Tangled. She was so engrossed that her ice cream just melted in her lap and she didn't even touch her popcorn.
And now she pretends to be Rapunzel. Here she is watching her daily show with her Rapunzel hair on.......

Never a dull moment around here.


  1. There's an awful lot of awesomeness in this post, Keri! I think that Cora's first phrase will be similar to Finley's. It seems that I spend a large portion of each day scolding Zoe. Was I on the phone with you while Skylar was creating topless Valentines?

  2. I love it! (: Making Valentines topless = priceless! Haha ... and that sweet baby boy looks a lot like your dad [and Josh!] too cute!



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