Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi bored, nice to meet you.

 Now that it's mid-February, the novelty of the Christmas toys has worn off.

Skylar roams the house looking for things to do and driving me crazy complaining that she's booooored in a whiny voice that is the equivalent of finger nails on the chalkboard.

To which I respond "Hi bored, I'm mommy, nice to meet you!" 

Because those are the kind of dorky lines from our childhood that we feel inclined to pass on to our children.

{I have my Papa Austin to thank for that one. Also works with: hungry, thirsty, and tired}.

So you might remember the old paper mache volcano from your elementary school days?

Same thing. No volcano.

Colored vinegar dropped into baking soda using a medicine dropper. 

Watch it fizz. 

Make fun patterns.

Let the whining cease for 5 1/2 blessed minutes.

Until she remembers she's huuuuungry. 

{At which point I'll make her a snack that she won't eat. Because she isn't really hungry. She's just bored. Again.}


  1. One of the things I just did with my kids the other day was really fun. I just made soapy water (b/c i didn't have enough bubbles) and dye the water several different colors then I blew the bubbles and they "caught" the bubbles on their paper. The bubbles pop and volia, colored circles. It's like bubble splatter paint I guess. It's really fun and may last you 10 minutes of entertainment to save Skylar from her boredom.



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