Monday, March 5, 2012

It's genius I tell you....

If you are the parent of a young child, no doubt you are very familiar with those handy squeezable pouches of baby food. They are ultra-convenient (and overpriced, because let's face it, you pay for the convenience) and I have them stashed in the car, house, purse, diaper bag....even decorating the mantle. {Slight exaggeration}.

But seriously, having a snack on hand at all times is a matter of survival with Finley. If homeboy sees anyone eating anything in a 10 foot radius of him....he screams like a velocer raptor. He doesn't care who you are or what you're eating...he

His screeching renders my brain completely incoherent and it makes the grocery store check-out a painful experience.

True story: A nice lady was admiring his cute chubby cheeks poking out from under his owl hat when Finley spotted the display of candy bars. Nice lady: "Oh my goodness, look at him. He's adora....oh...oh my.....oh my goodness. Wow. He'"

Lesson learned. Throw him a snack ASAP. He's happy. I'm happy. The old ladies can admire him without fear.

Then there's Skylar....she does a lot of eating in her car seat. It's the only time when she is sitting still for more than five minutes. So inevitably, two minutes down the road she realizes her breakfast of dust mites and one bite of cantaloupe wasn't enough.

I used to pass back these pouches to her in the car until Finley came along and she realized they weren't smoothies, they were baby food. Thanks little brother.

Needless to say, the car is riddled with bread crusts, apple cores, and various snack containers causing my poor husband much angst. It's looks like a NYC alley in the back seat. Minus the rats. I think.

So when I saw this genius little idea I got really excited and ordered one for both kids. Refillable squeezie pouches....

You can fill them with your own purees, apple sauce or yogurt. No spills. Convenient. Reusable. What's not to love? I haven't gotten them in the mail yet, but they've gotten rave reviews so I'm sure I will love them. I'll let you know.

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